Monday, February 2, 2009

So this is how it happened. . . .

Our household has been battling the sickies this past week and today's zits sums it all up as to how they probably got it. This was my schedule last week: Monday - Adam at the Dr. in the AM for a cat bite and ear infection. Meg at the Dr. in the PM for what turned out to be strep throat. Tuesday - Jake at the Dr. for our second case of strep throat for the week. Wednesday - Me having to be down in Gainesville in the early AM for minor Outpatient surgery. Thursday - Meg back at the Dr. for her second visit for more meds (gotta love those copays). Friday - Me finally getting some "down time" and fielding calls from the Middle school as to why Megs had been out all week. Saturday - Me at Brenna's soccer game bright and early and then back on the tractor in the PM getting ready to plant. Oh, and also deciding Saturday was a good day to completely inconvenience the boys and make them help me prune back the grapevines. Ooooh, so sorry poor XBOX had to find some other playmates that day! Sunday - I finally had had enough of seeing brown leaves all over the yard and the horror! I made ALL the kids come out and help rake them up so I could burn them. Am I horrible or what! Now all I need to do is find some ways this week to keep it going! :o) Oh, and did I mention that "Eva Braun" is coming over this afternoon to do a room check? You gotta love Mondays!

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