Sunday, April 19, 2009

My life in a nutshell. . . . .

Well I certainly apologize for my absence off of the blog lately. But don't string me up in the tree just yet I do have some good reasons! :o( Hmm let's see if I can give you a quick synopsis of life lately with the Live Oak Brady Bunch. Here goes, my Mom went to get her license renewed in February only to fail the eye test due to cataracts. So, she went to one eye Doctor who ended up being a complete screwball hence we had to start over with number two who turned out just to be what the Doctor ordered no pun intended. She has had both eyes operated on successfully and goes next week to be fitted for her eyeglasses. Whew! Just in time since the extension the DMV gave her runs out on the 4th of May! Hmm let's see, next about a month ago Meg showed me a lump that she had found on her ankle which turned out to actually be a bone fragment. Long story short, we are travelling to Tampa on Wednesday with surgery to follow on Thursday. I'll go into more detail in a later post. Now throw in between these two episodes a full blown garden and 41 new little additions in the form of chickens and guinea hens and you can see I've had a pretty busy plate as of late. Who knew those little fat suckers could eat so much!(The chickens I mean). Don't worry! I will do my best to be a better blog host! Take care until later!

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