Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pain meds and Church not a good combination. . . .

Earlier today I noted that Meghan actually felt good enough to go to Church which was great! Before we left the house instead of the usual 2 pain pills I gave her only one (didn't want a loopy 14 year old wheeling herself around Sunday School!). Well, apparently even one has it's effects when combining it to "school" of any sort. Meghan managed to fall fast asleep during her SS class! Thankfully for her it's taught by my hubby! I think he had quite a fun time with her regardless. You know waking her up by raising his voice a little and then asking her to read something knowing full well she had no way in the world of knowing where in the world they were in the lesson! :o) It even spilled over into the Church service. I wheeled her in a parked her in the back of the sanctuary (yeah, we're back row baptists!). Well, in about 20 minutes I looked over and Meghan was nodding and it wasn't to give her approval to the sermon! At one point I thought she was going to fall out of her wheelchair! LOL Poor Meggie, I don't think she had a clue as to what went on in today's service! I will say she had a nice long nap when we got home! :o)

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