Tuesday, April 21, 2009

She gets it from her Mom. . . .

Well I can definitely say that there are not words to describe how proud and excited I am for Meghan. Today I had the distinct honor of attending her College Scholarship signing party. That's right! She was awarded a college scholarship in EIGHTH GRADE!!!!! Every year the Suwannee Foundation for Educational Excellence awards 4 Take Stock in Children scholarships to local middle school students. Meghan was one of 8 finalists of which she had the great honor of being one of only 4 actually chosen to receive a 4 year scholarship! She now has 2 years of junior college and 2 years to a state university of her choice paid for! I can honestly say that the audience was filled with one very proud Mom along with little brother and Grandparents and family friends thrown in for good measure! Way to go Meg!!!!!!!!!

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Janet said...

Congrats Meghan! Good job!
I know all of you are excited!