Saturday, April 25, 2009

Surgery update. . . .

Well surgery was Thursday. Our day started with being called in 3 hours early due to a cancellation which was a good thing so Meg would not have to be NPO until 12:20! We arrived around 9am and they took Meg back and did the usual "preop" stuff. You know, 300 more questions for me to answer, changing into the infamous hospital gown, putting on the hair net, starting the IV, etc.. I even had to put my John Hancock on her ankle to verify which one they were operating on. It reminded me of when she was 18 months old and I had to do the same when her ears were pierced. :o) Well, first Dr. Walling came in and spoke with her and much to her delight gave here the green light to attend her eighth grade trip to Wild Adventures! That made her day! After all the "official" forms were signed it was time for them to do the nerve block on her leg. This was the point when Mom had to leave and go back to the waiting room. I will have to say that Meg was a real trooper and at least on the outside she didn't show any cracks in her armor. She was in surgery for over 1 1/2 hours and I still don't know all the details of her procedure. Unfortunately when they brought me back to the recovery room to see her, the Doctor was already back in the OR so he wasn't around for me to speak with. Seems I'll have to wait until Monday morning when his assistant calls me to find out exactly what they did! :o( Anyway let me just say that when I walked into the recovery area to see her can I just say that the anesthesia was still working pretty good. Our little Meg was sitting there with a zombie look on her face very calmly and quietly eating saltines with no expression at all. I can say that her leg looked like something from a cartoon. It's about three times the size of her other leg. And believe me it weighs as much as it looks! I think Meg is happy that the nurse at school requested that she come back in a wheelchair I don't think she was looking forward to having to lug that thing around on crutches! This morning Meg is in much better spirits. Last night the nerve block wore off and the pain settled in but thank goodness for pain killers! Meg had a good night's sleep and now has the full attention of her 3 year old brother this morning to keep her company! I will keep everyone updated as the days go on. Also, on Monday we'll find out if she's going to be in a brace for 6 weeks, or a cast for 3 months!


Linda said...

Good Morning! Lifting your Meg up to the Lord in prayer for comfort and a complete healing of her ankle and leg.
Have a good weekend!

Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

I'm glad to read that she is doing so well. Praying that she continues a great recovery!