Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Update. . . .

Ankle update! As you all know yesterday was a post-op appointment for Meg at the orthopaedic doctor. I apologize to all but we ended up with a fancy dancy brace/boot instead of a cast! I promise Meg was all set to get a hot pink one and was pretty disappointed when they said she was getting the boot instead. But, overall we got great news! They removed the large bone fragment from the ankle joint and the doctor said that the overlying cartilage on the talar dome was still attached but was peeled back like a flap. When they looked underneath the flap there was actually still bone attached and so they were able to reattach it with special nails! This was what we were hoping for as it was the best scenario overall for Meg. The doctor seem very pleased with what they were able to accomplish during the procedure. Meg is now in her high-tech boot with no weight bearing for the next 4 weeks until we go back and then they will start letting her put some weight on it slowly. Don't worry, the medical assistant informed Meg that when we come back that her boot had to be adorned with something! So, in honor of all that voted for the winning color our choice for decoration will of course be pink!

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