Friday, May 8, 2009

Prayer Request. . . .

Some of you may know that my Mother has been hospitalized since Sunday. She has been holding her own but her condition as of today has somewhat worsened. We have been told that she now has a flare up of her pancreatitis as well as urosepsis caused by a very bad urinary tract infection. On top of this, her renal functions are at 50% which as bad as that sounds is up from the 10% they were when she was admitted. Because her renal functions are compromised, her hemoglobin level has dropped to below 10 and she is scheduled today to be given a blood transfusion. We are praying that this will help with the hypotension and shortness of breath that she has been experiencing. I will try and post updates as the days progress. Hopefully she will be blessed with a discharge date of sometime early next week. One blessing is that she has agreed to go to a local rehab center to get some much needed TLC after she is discharged from the hospital! Thanks for everyone that has been praying for her.

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Linda said...

Lifting your precious mom up to our Healer and Great Physician, Jesus. He wants her well and He is faithful!!
Much love your way!