Thursday, May 28, 2009

Update. . . .

Well I think the last post I made about my Mom was when she was still in the hospital. After 10 days we were finally able to get her discharged to a rehab facility for some much needed rest and physical therapy to rebuild her strength and stamina after a quite serious illness. It turned out that she had urosepsis which is actually a blood infection caused by a very bad urinary tract infection. All of this triggered a rebout of her pancreatitis. Thankfully all of that is in check and after 3 weeks of hospital and rehab she came home Tuesday! Even though she is still quite weak I know how relieved and happy she is to be home. Thanks to all who kept her in her prayers. Please keep her in them for a little while longer. She is not near 100% yet but she is getting closer every day. Unfortunately we've had a little bit of set back because it seems she pulled her lower back out and is suffereing through some lower back pain and muscle spasms but hopefully this will pass with some rest and relaxation!

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