Sunday, October 25, 2009

A boy and his favorites.....

Well you know we all have our favorite thing that we prefer or enjoy but it all seems to be multiplied by 100 when you are only 3. My "little man" has two things that he absolutely loves more than an ice cream cup from DQ and that's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and trains. You can imagine his absolute excitement when more than a week ago he started seeing the "commercial". You know those things we parents call money traps. It seems that about every 30 seconds I keep hearing that now all to familiar phrase, "I wanna buy that!" howling from Adam's mouth what seems to be at least 1000 times daily. Well, the commercial that about put him over the top was the one advertising a special presentation of a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse called the "Choo Choo Express" being shown on this Sunday. Yep you guessed it. Every day this week and I mean every day ALL DAY this week it seems that every time I turned around there it was again that lovely 30 second tidbit that only succeeded in recharging Adam's utter out of control excitement. Have you tried to tell a 3 year old lately that the show they're advertising is still 4 days away?! Welcome to my world. Well, today finally came and the show that has been my nemesis all week actually turned out to be a pretty good thing. I didn't have to ask, ok maybe yell 10 times for him to get into the bathtub. He actually went streaking across the living room running to the bathroom. There was no bribery involved in him getting dressed for bed. He actually dragged his little sofa out into the living room all by himself along with his Thomas pillow and blanket. He even made his little "bed" right smack in front of the TV patiently waiting the last 3 minutes before show time! Hmmmm, kudos to me for remembering to record it! I know a good thing when I see it!! :o)

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