Thursday, November 5, 2009

Forget me not......

I remember growing up that my Dad rarely gave money to those standing outside stores, or soliciting at traffic lights because he was unsure of their sincerity. So, you can imagine that I took notice when he would freely give a donation to one certain group every year outside of the grocery store we frequented. They were the Disabled Veterans Association raising money for disabled vets by way of taking donations and in return giving you a homemade "forget me not" which was their way of honoring those fallen comrades. My Dad would proudly display his forget me not on the visor of our car forbiding anyone to remove it until he replaced it with a new one. Even the "old" ones were given a special place in his roll-top desk. These forget me nots have brought on a new meaning to me. My Dad has been gone now almost 4 years and I made a promise to continue his proud support of what I feel is a very noble cause. I still have the very last forget me not that he purchased nearly 5 years ago and it will forever proudly be displayed in my own vehicle no matter how faded it gets. This year I proudly donated my money and walked away with that very special token that has become so special to my heart. If you happen to walk out of a store and see one of our veterans please reach into your pocket and be willing to give a little something to help support the Disabled Veterans Associations' efforts to raise money for the care and support of our hero's. Personally I will be passing my new forget me not on to the next generation in our family. My son Jacob started driving this year and I will be giving him his very first forget me not in his Pop's honor. Hopefully everytime he sees it he will remember what all of our American Serviceman past and present have and are still doing for him so he can live freely. Plus, as long as he has that forget me not attached to his visor, he will always have a part of his Pop riding along with him.

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Anonymous said...

That is a good story about your dad and the forget-me-nots. I, too, support this group of Paralyzed American Veterans 'cause it is such a worthy cause.
Your dad was such a wonderful man.
I have very fond memories of him when we lived in Ft. Lauderdale and attended the same church. Joann and I are good friends, although I never hear from her anymore. I wish her the best. Please tell her Pearl sends her love. Thanks!

ps. I really enjoy your blogs. It is very appealing. You do a great job.