Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Is it that time already?

Well it looks that it's that time of year again. I was perusing around walmart when much to my dismay there they were putting out the Christmas candy already. Didn't we just do this? An entire year could not have almost gone by. I honestly don't know if I'm ready for this Holiday season. I am already turning gray much quicker than I would like to. Now throw another Black Friday into the mix and I'll have to take permanent stock in Clairol! Seriously, have any of you actually just stood back during the start of a Black Friday and just watched the action? Monday Night Raw has got nothing on the little blue haired ladies at Wally World. I remember seeing two of them get into a knock-down drag out over a can opener. Well ok maybe not a knock-down drag out but it was as close as they could muster with their walkers and canes. If I bought every item that Adam has now famously declared "I wanna buy that!" while watching the commercial on TV, our family would be below the poverty level and living in a cardboard box somewhere but at least would have one heck of a toy chest! This year I think my family along with most others need to go back to basics. When did just getting together with family and friends sharing a fresh baked fruit cake or confection become inadequate? Ok so I would probably agree that fruit cakes should be outlawed in all 50 states but it's the thought that counts huh? How about if we all try and make at least one homemade gift this year? I don't mean recycling the painted pinecone your 3rd grader brings home from school either! I have listed a few sites that have some great ideas for homemade gifts that you and your family can make together this year. Hey, post a comment and give everyone some ideas or let us know what you're planning on making.

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