Monday, November 23, 2009


Well, here I am again on a Monday waiting on the repairman for my washer!  Twice in one month, how lucky can I be!  I was just able to knock out Mount Fullbright of laundry from the last time of being without a washer for over a week!

I guess it doesn't help matters that I couldn't sleep last night (must have been that 3 hour nap) so I did the next best thing......clean.  You would think with 5 kids I wouldn't have to worry about these things.  I'm seriously thinking about bring back Eva Braun for a return visit.  After waiting all weekend for the kids to get their chores done (miracles do happen don't they?), I had finally had enough of seeing the hurricane a clutter around my living room and decided to tackle it at 11pm.  Three hours later I put quite a dent into it.  Cleaned off the top of the TV, swept the living room, rearranged the dining room table, picked up the clutter off of the end tables, dusted, and even got in another episode of Law & Order.  Whew!  Finally went to bed around 2am, listened to Meg's Ipod for about 30 minutes (still can't seem to find mine), and finally drifted off to la-la land.

With all that I did last night and early this morning you would think that I would be able to sleep in!  Nope!  Was wide awake at 6:30a after 4 hours of sleep so now I can say my hutch is clean, my bedroom has been straighted up, the clothes that are multiplying by the second in my bathroom have been shoved, kicked, and thrown into the corner so the repair guy can get to the washer!  I am now enjoying my THIRD episode of Dora the Explorer that is after watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Special Agent Oso.  Now if only I can talk the Hubby to start putting up Christmas decorations my crazy life will be absolutely perfect! :o)

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jerlane said...

Eva Braun is ready when you are!