Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No sympathy here....

You know we had a wonderful weekend just getting away for a few days and visiting with family. But isn't it always the case that the minute you get home harsh reality sets back in? We arrived home around 7:30p and all seemed good. The four "teens" were spending the night at their respective grandparent's homes and the only one we had with us was again "little man". All was good until about 9:30p. I was in the living room catching up on email and such when I started hearing the "noises". I got up to investigate where and who they were coming from when I discovered that dear hubby was hugging the porcelain thrown and a garbage can all at the same time. Not wanting to interrupt a good thing I walked back into our bedroom and decided to wait it out with Adam on the bed. That's when I started hearing the other "noises". I turned to see Adam just sitting there giggling uncontrollably. It seems that he thought the noises that Daddy was making in the bathroom were the funniest he had ever heard! How can you scold a cute little 3 year old sitting there belly laughing while at the same time try and hide a smile yourself because he looks so cute?! Well, it seems that dear hubby heard our entire conversation amongst the waves of nausea. I will have to give him credit, he saw through the agony and was able to kid with Adam as well about his "sick" sense of humor!

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