Monday, November 23, 2009

Question of the week.......

Well, it looks as if the classic Christmas movie "It's a Wonderful Life" won as the favorite Christmas movie.

This week I thought I would throw out a poll regarding probably one of the most anticipated days of the year.  I'm not talking about Turkey Day or even Christmas, I'm talking about you guessed it......Black Friday!  So, are you going to brave the pushing, shoving, name calling, kicking, biting (hopefully not!) crowds that are associated with what they say is the busiest shopping day of the year?  I admit that I too have participated in this holiday tradition.  Not the pushing and shoving or even biting part but I have gotten up at a ridiculous time of the morning with way not enough sleep only to arrive seeing that 1000 other people got up even earlier than I did!  All for the sake of a $5.00 mini chopper!  Ok well maybe that was a little bit of an exaggeration but I did score a nice shop vac for the hubby last year for only $20 so I guess there is some savings to it.  I myself haven't decided if I am going to brave the early morning rush hour this year.  I am really cutting back on my shopping this year not only due to the economy but something just doesn't seem right about it to me anymore.  Like I said in a previous post it seems that more and more generations are relying on the amount of "stuff" that they have.  I personally think it would be wonderful to get back to the basics of what Christmas truly means.  The celebration of our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus!  I wonder when it was that we allowed the world to turn it into a free for all?  Hmmm, anyway I hope you enjoy and participate in this week's poll.

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