Friday, December 11, 2009

Question of the week.......

Well it seems as Black Friday was too much of draw for most this year!  I myself was one of the few that did not get up during the pre-dawn hours to fight the mad crowds of shoppers looking for the must have deal of the season!  My f/i/l actually got up at 2:30am in order to get himself a new battery charger!  I actually did go shopping that day but didn't walk into the local Wally World until 11am and behold the items I was interested in were still there!(Hint Hint for those of you die-hard Black Friday shoppers) 

I have blogged earlier about cutting back this Holiday season.  We are not participating in the annual gift giving exchange with the family.  I think the money would be more wisely used for possibly a local charity that helps the less fortunate during this time of year or in our case put it towards our Church's Lottie Moon Christmas offering this year.  However, regardless of the amount we spend we do have one important rule that we are faithful in keeping.  We DO NOT put our Christmas on credit!  It is a wonderful feeling knowing that when you wake up on the 26th you won't be expecting a huge bill at the beginning of the month!  So, what are you going to use this year?  Cash or Credit?

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