Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thankful for our simple life.......

My Husband and I decided to sneak away for a quick weekend getaway to central Florida this weekend.  Oh the excitement of some alone time without the kids!(Love you guys and gals)  It never fails though that when we're on our way out of town it doesn't take very long for me at least to want to turn around and head out of dodge as quick as our 4 wheels will carry us!  As I am glancing around during the drive I can honestly say that I have seen probably at least 1000 homes that look identical to one another!  It makes me wonder if they have a button they push so their house either does one of the "chirps" or maybe makes the porch light flash on and off so they make sure they don't pull into the wrong driveway!  I guess you could say that there is a convenience to city life.  It seems that on every street corner there is either a gas station, grocery store, pharmacy, wally world, mall, movie theather, etc. to just name a few.  Not to mention every conceivable restaurant you could think of!  But, along with the convenience comes the added benefit of being able to shake hands with your neighbor through your bedroom window!! :o)  No this ex city girl desires nothing of city life.  Give me 10 acres out in the middle of nowhere where my nearest neighbor is more than a stone's throw away, where at night I can hear the crickets and their annoying musical that they put on but I love it anyway!  Plus the added bonus of the natural alarm called the roosters at 5am in the morning!  Lord let me never take for granted the beautiful painting you have gifted me right outside my front door!  How beautiful being a redneck and country bumpkin can be!

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