Thursday, September 23, 2010


Well, the first round of progress reports came out yesterday and as you can probably imagine nerves were high.  Ok well really MY nerves were high because you know I really didn't feel like laying the smack-down on anyone.  Luckily for me (or the teens your choice) everyone had a pretty great report.  The only one that I'm not sure of is Day-Day aka Damien since he assures me that his teacher was having technical difficulities in printing out reports.  I told him I would let him have a 24-hour reprieve!  So far the grade count is 9 A's and 8 B's.  Overall a great tally for four teenagers!  Oh and Adam I believe has a lot of S's across the board in his VPK class!  Great job everyone!
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Splish splash I was taking a bath......

Tonight Adam decided without any prodding from Mom to hop into the bathtub and get a bath.  What I didn't realize was that he was planning on dumping the rest of his Lightning McQueen bubble bath in there with him!  Two hundred gallons of bubbles later he was having the time of his life blowing bubbles all over the bathroom when from behind me I could hear the pitter patter of little feet running across the floor and I don't mean one of his siblings.  It seems Bindi had found a halfway closed door and took advantage of it and the next thing Adam knew he had a blue heeler puppy making a flying leap into the middle of his bubble mountain!  I don't know who was more shocked, Adam because he ended up with a canine companion or Bindi because I don't think she was counting on a bathtub full of bubbles!

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Sermons

     Lately our Pastor has been preaching from the book of Matthew on Sunday mornings. He has really been hitting home runs with his sermons lately or as my Husband says, "Shucking the corn".
     Today he preached out of Matthew chapter 9 verses 13-17. Some good points that he made are the fact that we need to stop being casual Christians and come to Church expecting a movement from God. Too often we don't expect that because the Churches are becoming more of a social get together. He talked about Preachers needing to preach the word of God without worrying whether or not Mrs. Smith in the back pew is going to get perturbed because it's 12:05 and her pot roast will be done in 10 minutes!
     What would happen if we stopped being satisfied with following our order of service printed every morning in the bulletin? Wouldn't it be wonderful if we just let God move and have his way? I want to get up on Sunday morning energized to get to Church not because of being able to chat and catch up with friends about their week but because I am excited to get into the worship and being fed spiritually and hopefully being an encouragement to others.  Let's stop being religious and get back to what God saved us for in the first place - a relationship with God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.  Let's be real! 

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Hey Dad Remember When?

Have you ever thought that when you were having a conversation with your young child that they either weren't listening or just didn't get the conversation in general?  Well the other day Ana was having a conversation with Adam about school.  They were talking about the High School and how right now Adam's 3 older siblings go there.  Ana then told Adam that not too far down the road the High School would be his school and he would go there.  She then even went one step further trying to make sure that she truly brought the conversation down to a level he could understand when she told him that "Even Daddy used to go to that school.....".  If she had any doubts about whether he was listening I think his response confirmed to her that he was.  Without missing a beat he responded, "You mean when my Daddy still had hair?". 

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Blue Springs

Another trip we did this summer was a family picnic at Blue Springs located in Lee, Florida.  This was something that my Mother-In-Law had been wanting to plan since we did the same a few years ago.  A lot of family on both sides was able to attend including several from out of state and it made for a great day out.  If you have ever been there you know that there is about a 15 foot jump off of a wooden ledge into the springhead below.  Would you believe that little 4 year old Adam took a flying leap right off the edge into the water below without a moment's hesitation!  Overall it was a great day even when a thunderstorm decided to end everyone's swimming early for the day.  Kudos to Papaw, Uncle Steve, and Pop for the grilling and for everyone bringing all the good yummies to go along with the great burgers and hot dogs!  We can't wait until next year!

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Beach trip.....

Well, I know I'm several months late but I wanted to share some photos from our beach trip this summer to St. Augustine.  Having a family of seven you just can't pack up and spend several days at a hotel and expect to have a very economical vacation.  So, this past Spring we decided to take the plunge and purchase a camper.  For our first real outing, we decided to try the North Beach Camp Resort located in St. Augustine.  It's a great campground located directly across A1A from the beach and nestled right in between the Atlantic to the east, and the Intracoastal waterway to the west.  Everyone especially enjoyed the 5 minute walk to the ocean everyday!  We bought a couple of wave boards and everyone had a blast including Adam.  I think the girls thought the most exciting part was that they got to watch 3 weddings right on the beach!  I think Damien and Adam might have agreed that the trip to CiCi's pizza was tops.  Overall our first real outing was a blast.  The only downside was that Jacob decided to stay behind so he was truly missed!
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Carpenter in training......

Recently Adam has discovered a wonderful program held on Saturdays at Lowe's.  It's called the Build and Grow program and it's great for a morning out for Dad's and their little guys or gals or if you're like me Mom's have fun too!  Last week Adam went and the girls and I tagged along.  He had a great time building a school bus complete with a secret compartment to hide those little trinkets that only a 4 year old could find priceless.  Adam was proud to leave not only with his finished project, but also his very own Build and Grow apron.  Well of course this past Saturday Adam had lined up his Dad to take him this time.  Yes, of course I tagged along as well!  Unfortunately, Adam was disappointed that they were not having the clinic that day but perked up when Dad bought him his very own Build and Grow kit to take home!  So, I got the distinct pleasure of watching a very private building class going on in our living room and decided to take a few pics.  Of course Adam thought the finished project needed a little "sprucing" up with his markers and I have to agree it made it a one of a kind racecar!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What a line.....

It's entertaining enough living in the house with 5 kids but it makes it even more interesting when one is 10 years younger than the next oldest.  Of course I'm talking about none other than my little guy Adam. 
     John and I were laying in bed the other night watching t.v. when I noticed that the door to our bathroom opened and there stood Adam looking absolutely adorable in his tighty whities.  Now mind you, this sight alone was just too adorable for words but what happened next just fast-forwarded the moment to hilarious.  The next thing I knew, he was standing there holding up both hands and promptly announced, "It's OK!".  Well, of course I IMMEDIATELY sat upright.  I mean really, when a 4 year old comes into your room and makes that announcement wouldn't you go from calm to panic in an instant?!  Being the Mom I asked, "What happened?!", to which again he stated, "It's OK!" with this "I've got this covered" look on his face.  I noticed that he was kind of standing on only one foot with the other one just touching the floor with his toes.  Well, it was at that moment that I noticed that trail of white foot-prints leading out my bathroom and into the breakfast room.  Adam must have read the look on my face and he immediately explained to me that somehow he managed to knock the gallon of Kilz primer over and the top came off.  Luckily it was latex and not oil and was a pretty easy clean up.  Ah the joys of parenthood!  Did I mention that it's the most rewarding job a person could ever have?

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Monday, July 5, 2010






Sunday, May 23, 2010


Well I had to give a shout-out about a great way for a grilled hamburger.  I am always in the mood for a great mouth watering burger to sink my teeth into.  This weekend the hubby grilled some great angus steak-burgers.  Now first of all I would highly recommend rub, rub, and rub them burgers some more with Weber's Gourmet Burger Seasoning.  It gives just enough kick to add a great flavor.  That's where you're just starting!  After you pull those nice hot burgers off the grill, my latest craving is to cover them with some great crumbled bleu cheese and then topped with some hickory smoked bacon!  Can I say can't get enough?  I know there are some of you out there that when you hear bleu cheese you want to run away.  But trust me give this combo a won't regret it.  As a matter of fact between sentences, I'm biting into another one right now!

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Deer Stalker........

     In a previous post I mentioned about the small garden that is growing out in our yard.  I love to see gardens growing this time of year.  So, you can imagine my dismay when my Hubby informed me that the lovely cute little "bambie" creatures were making a daily dinner buffet out of my green beans! 
     I went in and asked the boys if they would put out four posts on each corner of the garden where I intended to string yet again some old VHS tape to help deter my little forest friends from devouring my future garden bounties!  But of course Jacob had a better plan.  He proceeded to tell me that if I sprinkled aftershave around the garden, it would help deter the zoo that was visiting every night.  So, I told him to have at it.  He and Damien when out the front door with what seemed like 12 bottles of aftershave of which I had no clue that they owned so many!  In a few they came back in and Jacob assured me that it would take care of the problem!  A little later after dark I had to send Damien out to turn off the sprinkler.  When he came back in he told me about a lovely deer that he happened to glance upon that was standing 20 feet or so from him.  You can imagine that this news did not sit well with me!  I immediately started imagining the wonderful deer family walking down each row nibbling here and there until there was nothing but nubs left!  Finally around 10:30pm or so I could not stand it anymore!  Now, here I am in my nightgown with flashlight in hand wearing my flip-flops sneaking out the side door trying to be as quiet as possible.  Mind you, I am also trying to very indiscreetly use the flashlight because I don't want to step on any snakes (that is a completely different post!).  I make my way to the side of the truck all the while using it as a shield so any potential veggie killer won't spot me.  I make it to the back of the truck and peer around the back only to have the blasted area light blind me!  Hmmm, now to reposition myself.  I find that if I hide behind the other truck I have a clear view without feeling like I'm being interrogated!  Low and behold standing not 15 feet from my relaxing hobby is the culprit!  Now I know I should of thought of it before hand but it was at that point that my sensible side asked my fly by the seat of my pants side, "Just what are you planning to do?".  Of course shooting would be out of the question.  Not because I would be against adding some lovely deer meat to my freezer.  But because of the Yankees from New Jersey (don't mean to offend) that live next door and think that anytime a gun goes the off, the mafia must be in town!  Well, I finally decided that the best course of action would be to run straight at it like a wild Indian hoping that it would scare it off.  I figured that I would be safe doing this since we do live out in a rural area and no one would see me.  Now of course if I performed this type of action down South I would probably be baker acted immediately!
      So, I made my way to the front of the van and had a good view of the lovely creature grazing through the grape vines when all of a sudden Mr. Mittens the cat decides that this would be a wonderful time for a visit.  Up on the hood he jumps and starts to meow so very innocently.  I was buying none of this of course and started shooing him away as quietly as possible so as not to let the deer know that I was spying on it.  Up on the hood the cat jumps and immediately on the ground he lands as a knock him off.  Of course he finally catches on to my ruse and goes up onto the roof of the van and slides down the windshield and hood and you guessed it all the while making the screeching noises just like scraping your fingernails along a chalkboard!  You guessed it the deer immediately starts staring in my direction!  So, there I am standing like a Greek statue in my nightgown, clutching a flashlight hoping that this nocturnal animal doesn't notice me!  It was at that moment that I started feeling little "pricks" on my feet.  I immediately started shooing the cat again trying to let him know that I did not think that this was the appropriate time to be playing with my feet when I realized that I was standing in a pile of red ants!  If that dang deer only knew the trouble it was causing!  Well of course I had to give up my plan for the evening and run into the house to get rid of the blasted red ants.  And yes you guessed it that night the deer invited every member of it's family going back at least 2 generations over for dinner!  Don't worry my next plan of attack per Jacob is to give everyone in the house a haircut and sprinkle the cut hair around the garden!  Hmm I wonder if that will work as well as the aftershave did?

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Question of the week.......

Well, with the ever increasing numbers of home gardeners growing, I thought I would use that as the inspiration for this week's question.  What is your favorite home-grown veggie?  Now, if you ask me it would definitely be cucumbers.  Thinly sliced cukes sprinkled with salt and pepper are my absolute FAV home-grown veggie to eat.  My Hubby would probably say squash.  Now Brenna would probably say okra but only if it's pickled!  Adam would definitely say corn especially since he is eating his fourth piece as we speak!  So, which one would you pick?

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tiny miracles........

Isn't it just wonderful how there are millions of things surrounding us every day that reminds us of what an awesome and miraculous God we serve?  I love this time of year seeing everyone's garden blooming with such wonderful bounties!!  I took a few pics of the "little" miracles growing in our garden to share!

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Monday, May 17, 2010


What would you do if you were bored?  Especially if you were a teenager.  I would think that maybe listening to your Ipod, reading a book, surfing the web (facebook!), going for a bike-ride.  You know, NORMAL stuff!  But of course when it comes to one of MY teens, they find an entirely new way of entertaining themselves.  Meg decided the other night that since she had nothing to do.....yeah right!......she would sit on the couch, blow up the water balloons, rub then on her head to of course create static electricity, and voila!, proceed to stick them all over her head!!  Hmmmm, must be a trait she gets from the other side of the family! :o)

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prom 2010

I thought I would share some wonderful memories from my oldest Jacob's Prom.  Enjoy!!  Oh how quickly they grow up! :o(

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Question of the week.......

Well since it's that time of year again when we all run to the local Wally World and peruse the garden center for our yearly supply of mulch, landscape rock, and of course flowers I figured that would be a perfect subject for this week's Question.  What is your favorite Spring flower? 

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Household Helpers.....

I always try to find something ingenious to post under this title.  Today I thought I would share some neat uses I found for everyday vegetable oil.  It's not just your Mother's cooking oil anymore!
  • Now this one I had never heard of.  Use plain 'ol vegetable oil to help remove a splinter.  Soak the area in some vegetable oil for a few minutes.  It will help soften the skin giving you a better chance to get that pesky splinter out with your handy dandy tweezers!
  • Did you ever have a stack of glasses that seemed to be super-glued together?  Well just pour a little veg oil around the rim of the bottom glass and watch how easily they will come apart.
  • Moisten that cracked skin on your feet.  At night before you go to bed, rub some veg oil on your feet and put on a pair of socks.  You will be pleasantly surprised when you wake up how soft your footsies are!
  • Furniture polish.  You can make your own polish with veg oil.  Mix 1/2 cup of vinegar or lemon juice to 1 cup of veg oil and add mixture to a spray bottle.  Use it as you would pledge!
  • Remove pesky stickers.  If you need to remove a label from a glass jar or just a sticker in general.  Soak the sticker in veg oil for a few minutes and watch it miraculously slide off.
Hope some of these ideas work for you.  I know I'm going to have fun trying them out myself.
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Monday, January 4, 2010

Take a chill pill.......

Being the mother of a toddler I can relate to and understand the many frustrations of other Mother's when it comes to raising a child.  I myself have had frustrating days when I felt like punching out a window or such.  But, I must say I have never acted upon those frustrations.  Apparently there was a particular Mother in Ohio that still needs to learn the art of restraint.  A 24 year old woman who was going through the drive-through of a Toledo McDonald's became highly agitated when she was told that they were out of chicken mcnuggets.  Now most people would take that information with a grain of salt and probably drive only 100 or so yards to another fast food restaurant and purchase her food there.  All I can say is that that was not good enough for this particular person.  Her reaction was to punch out the drive-thru window!  Ouch!  Well I guess not only did she not get her McNuggets she probably didn't get her fries or toy with that happy meal either!
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An old softie.........

Doesn't it always seem to be the case that when the kids want something and the Mom is on the verge of agreeing that it's the Dad that always put the brakes on?  Friends of ours have had kittens for a couple of months now and I and the girls have been contemplating bringing one of them home as a new addition to our house.  Of course John would hear none of it!  Well FINALLY the girls managed to convince him last week to let them bring home one of the cats.  And yes he would hear NONE of their wishes to allow the poor kitty to come into the house.  The other day John and I were out shopping when low and behold all of a sudden John decides that he and Adam need to go to the pet store to buy Mr. Mittens (yes that's his name!) a collar!  I immediately suspected that someone switched out my hubby with an altar ego somewhere between Books A Million and Target but went along anyway surely thinking this was either some sort of joke or attack of amnesia coming on.  I could not believe my eyes as my Husband searched throughout Petco and I mean everywhere in the store until he finally found the cat collars!  I myself had already given up 10 minutes prior.  I stood there why he and little man decided that the perfect collar was an orange Harley Davidson with a black bell.  Really?!  Well here's the latest........the cat had that darn collar on for all of 2 days before he ditched it somewhere between the house and the woods.  I of course am not going in search of it.  Then tonight after I got home from playing chauffeur Mom you would not believe what I found waiting for me in the living room.  Yep, you guessed it my "No animals allowed in the house whatsoever!" hubby sitting on the love seat (hmm that could be it) watching ESPN with the cat!  I'm telling you my life gets weirder all the time!

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Question of the week.......

Well the holidays are officially behind us.  I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed holiday season.  Our family as usual enjoyed time with family and friends and of course gifts and food.  However, as fun a festive as the holiday are, let us never forget the true reason for the season, our Lord and Savior's birth. 

It seems as though most were planning on using cold hard cash as their method of choice for buying this year.  I know that is one rule that our household sticks to during the holiday season.  As I have said before there is nothing like waking up on the 26th knowing that you won't be expecting a huge credit card bill the next month!

Of course, with this being January 3rd I was wondering if anyone has declared the ever yearly popular New Year's Resolution.  I really haven't declared any for myself this year although I suppose that I intend on canning more during the spring garden so I guess I'll call that mine.  So, what if any is your resolution?  I have listed some classic ones that seem to make the list every year or you can write in your own.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

On our way to Wildwood to pick up Jake and Meggie!