Monday, January 4, 2010

An old softie.........

Doesn't it always seem to be the case that when the kids want something and the Mom is on the verge of agreeing that it's the Dad that always put the brakes on?  Friends of ours have had kittens for a couple of months now and I and the girls have been contemplating bringing one of them home as a new addition to our house.  Of course John would hear none of it!  Well FINALLY the girls managed to convince him last week to let them bring home one of the cats.  And yes he would hear NONE of their wishes to allow the poor kitty to come into the house.  The other day John and I were out shopping when low and behold all of a sudden John decides that he and Adam need to go to the pet store to buy Mr. Mittens (yes that's his name!) a collar!  I immediately suspected that someone switched out my hubby with an altar ego somewhere between Books A Million and Target but went along anyway surely thinking this was either some sort of joke or attack of amnesia coming on.  I could not believe my eyes as my Husband searched throughout Petco and I mean everywhere in the store until he finally found the cat collars!  I myself had already given up 10 minutes prior.  I stood there why he and little man decided that the perfect collar was an orange Harley Davidson with a black bell.  Really?!  Well here's the latest........the cat had that darn collar on for all of 2 days before he ditched it somewhere between the house and the woods.  I of course am not going in search of it.  Then tonight after I got home from playing chauffeur Mom you would not believe what I found waiting for me in the living room.  Yep, you guessed it my "No animals allowed in the house whatsoever!" hubby sitting on the love seat (hmm that could be it) watching ESPN with the cat!  I'm telling you my life gets weirder all the time!

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How cute!!