Monday, January 4, 2010

Take a chill pill.......

Being the mother of a toddler I can relate to and understand the many frustrations of other Mother's when it comes to raising a child.  I myself have had frustrating days when I felt like punching out a window or such.  But, I must say I have never acted upon those frustrations.  Apparently there was a particular Mother in Ohio that still needs to learn the art of restraint.  A 24 year old woman who was going through the drive-through of a Toledo McDonald's became highly agitated when she was told that they were out of chicken mcnuggets.  Now most people would take that information with a grain of salt and probably drive only 100 or so yards to another fast food restaurant and purchase her food there.  All I can say is that that was not good enough for this particular person.  Her reaction was to punch out the drive-thru window!  Ouch!  Well I guess not only did she not get her McNuggets she probably didn't get her fries or toy with that happy meal either!
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