Sunday, May 23, 2010


Well I had to give a shout-out about a great way for a grilled hamburger.  I am always in the mood for a great mouth watering burger to sink my teeth into.  This weekend the hubby grilled some great angus steak-burgers.  Now first of all I would highly recommend rub, rub, and rub them burgers some more with Weber's Gourmet Burger Seasoning.  It gives just enough kick to add a great flavor.  That's where you're just starting!  After you pull those nice hot burgers off the grill, my latest craving is to cover them with some great crumbled bleu cheese and then topped with some hickory smoked bacon!  Can I say can't get enough?  I know there are some of you out there that when you hear bleu cheese you want to run away.  But trust me give this combo a won't regret it.  As a matter of fact between sentences, I'm biting into another one right now!

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Linda said...

I like burgers....Gordon grills them for us. And I do like bleu cheese for sure!