Monday, September 13, 2010

Beach trip.....

Well, I know I'm several months late but I wanted to share some photos from our beach trip this summer to St. Augustine.  Having a family of seven you just can't pack up and spend several days at a hotel and expect to have a very economical vacation.  So, this past Spring we decided to take the plunge and purchase a camper.  For our first real outing, we decided to try the North Beach Camp Resort located in St. Augustine.  It's a great campground located directly across A1A from the beach and nestled right in between the Atlantic to the east, and the Intracoastal waterway to the west.  Everyone especially enjoyed the 5 minute walk to the ocean everyday!  We bought a couple of wave boards and everyone had a blast including Adam.  I think the girls thought the most exciting part was that they got to watch 3 weddings right on the beach!  I think Damien and Adam might have agreed that the trip to CiCi's pizza was tops.  Overall our first real outing was a blast.  The only downside was that Jacob decided to stay behind so he was truly missed!
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