Sunday, September 5, 2010

Carpenter in training......

Recently Adam has discovered a wonderful program held on Saturdays at Lowe's.  It's called the Build and Grow program and it's great for a morning out for Dad's and their little guys or gals or if you're like me Mom's have fun too!  Last week Adam went and the girls and I tagged along.  He had a great time building a school bus complete with a secret compartment to hide those little trinkets that only a 4 year old could find priceless.  Adam was proud to leave not only with his finished project, but also his very own Build and Grow apron.  Well of course this past Saturday Adam had lined up his Dad to take him this time.  Yes, of course I tagged along as well!  Unfortunately, Adam was disappointed that they were not having the clinic that day but perked up when Dad bought him his very own Build and Grow kit to take home!  So, I got the distinct pleasure of watching a very private building class going on in our living room and decided to take a few pics.  Of course Adam thought the finished project needed a little "sprucing" up with his markers and I have to agree it made it a one of a kind racecar!

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