Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Sermons

     Lately our Pastor has been preaching from the book of Matthew on Sunday mornings. He has really been hitting home runs with his sermons lately or as my Husband says, "Shucking the corn".
     Today he preached out of Matthew chapter 9 verses 13-17. Some good points that he made are the fact that we need to stop being casual Christians and come to Church expecting a movement from God. Too often we don't expect that because the Churches are becoming more of a social get together. He talked about Preachers needing to preach the word of God without worrying whether or not Mrs. Smith in the back pew is going to get perturbed because it's 12:05 and her pot roast will be done in 10 minutes!
     What would happen if we stopped being satisfied with following our order of service printed every morning in the bulletin? Wouldn't it be wonderful if we just let God move and have his way? I want to get up on Sunday morning energized to get to Church not because of being able to chat and catch up with friends about their week but because I am excited to get into the worship and being fed spiritually and hopefully being an encouragement to others.  Let's stop being religious and get back to what God saved us for in the first place - a relationship with God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.  Let's be real! 

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