Sunday, April 22, 2012

Household Helpers

You know some of the absolute best cookbooks you can own are ones printed by various Churches in your community. I had the opportunity to purchase one from a small Church of God in rural North Florida and haven't regretted it. Not only is it filled with wonderful family recipes but it is also filled with many Helpful Hints. I thought I would share just a few with you.... 

  1. Keep strawberries fresh for up to ten days by refrigerating them (unwashed) in an airtight container between layers of paper towels. 
  2.  When baking in a glass pan, reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees. 
  3. When frying meat, sprinkle paprika over it to turn it golden brown. 
  4. Fresh lemon juice will remove onion scent from hands. 
  5. When cooking vegetables that grow above ground, the rule of thumb is to boil them without a cover. 
  6. Instant potatoes are a good stew thickener. 
  7. A few drops of lemon juice added to simmering rice will keep the grains separated. post signature

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