Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Not a "Civy" anymore......

Later this week I will be taking my 17 year old daughter Meg to have that wonderful rite of passage event performed that most people dread but is usually made to feel better with drugs.... LOTS of drugs..... and that is having all four of her wisdom teeth cut out. As scary and uneasy one might feel when facing this upcoming appointment, Meg is actually looking forward to it I think because she has been having some relentless ear pain that we are hoping will be relieved once the teeth are out. Now here comes the comical part..... I was talking to my oldest Jacob who I am proud to say is a member of the United States Coast Guard and is stationed in Kodiak, Alaska. Not that a Florida boy being stationed in Alaska isn't funny enough, it's what happened to Jake while still in boot camp. You see, it seems that HIS wisdom teeth started to bother him while he was at boot camp and yep, they had to come out. When someone says that living as a civilian and living as a member of the military are two TOTALLY different worlds they couldn't be more correct. Where as Meghan will first be treated to a wonderful concoction of gas, local nerve block, and the ever important IV sedation, poor Jake was treated to a wonderful shot of Novocaine. I'm sure I didn't score any "Mom of the year award" points when I laughed when he told me either. That's when I asked him "So, how do you like the Military now?!". I can only imagine the look that would have been on my face if a dentist came at me with a needle in one hand and a chisel in another. Needless to say I would probably be court-martialed for going AWOL. But, like the great guy that Jake is, he at the end wished his sister well although I'm sure he is secretly wishing that when it comes time for Meg's procedure, the gas tank is empty, and there is a kink in the IV line!

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