Friday, May 4, 2012

Household Helpers

It seems today that more and more people are becoming interested in the "green" movement. I myself think that everyone in the Southeast should have a solar water heater. The possibilities are endless for someone that may want to do their part in helping give back to the environment. One of the simplest ways is actually located right on your home computer. There have actually been studies regarding the amount of ink used to print with the various fonts located in Email and Word along with many other programs. What they found is that the font Century Gothic uses up to 30% less ink than the traditional fonts such as Arial. There is a twist though, since the font is wider than most, if you have a lot of words you can run the risk of using more paper. So there is a toss-up on just how much ink you would save. But, with the average US Corporation spending $10,000 dollars per gallon of ink, the possibility of saving 30% of it might be enough of a chance to make the switch. Another font that is gaining momentum and popularity is the Ecofont. It saves ink by printing tiny circles instead of straight lines. This particular font is not included in your popular programs so to use it you would have to download it directly from their website. Regardless of your choice, it really makes you think that with just a simple click you CAN make a difference.
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