Friday, May 4, 2012

No More Hillbilly Bathroom........

     I wrote the following post QUITE awhile ago about our Master Bathroom remodel but never posted it.... hope you enjoy.  I added some pics of the finished product as well.

      It has been quite awhile since I posted about the decrepit state of our master bathroom.  I started calling it the "hillbilly bathroom" with it's three-level plywood patched floor and all.  Well, we finally decided to do something about it this Spring.
     Now mind you we have had PLENTY of time to discuss the plans on how we were going to redesign the space and like most home improvement jobs the plans changed frequently from day to day and even from minute to minute.  It switched from walk-in tiled shower to pre-made corner shower unit to claw-foot tub.  Bottom line was that I wanted the floor to be LEVEL!  Not too much to ask huh?
     The choice was made to gut the entire room down to wall studs and floor joists since there was quite a bit of repair work that had to be done from past water damage.  It always seems to me that demo takes that longest time.  The one that I think enjoyed this part the most was our dog Bindi who quite thoroughly enjoyed being able to get up under the house and come visit us while we were working because of the huge whole in the floor.  After repairing the floor joists and sub-floor, our attention moved to the walls.  We had decided to install a claw-foot tub and fore-go the shower all-together.  In place of the shower my personal choice was being put in it's place, a linen closet!  I never thought I would be so excited at what some people might consider such a trivial addition but until you've lived in a house with 7 people without one, you have no idea how excited one might be to have one. 
     Overall the final product has been VERY satisfying and enjoyable.  Going from shambles to what I consider a luxurious retreat has been truly a blessing.  My son Adam enjoys his baths at night in that great big tub!  I can also say Mommy thoroughly loves her long baths too!  Kudos to the hubby John who I think did a tremendous job even though he will be the first to declare that he totally DISLIKES anything to do with home improvement.  Thanks honey!

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Claw foot tub is a clever idea. That way there is no hassle of putting up walls to support the bath tub and creating pipe work for the shower and faucets. But yeah, water damage is the worst. Any mistakes with plumbing can cost you a fortune. That's why its always best to have a professional plumber supervise you on all bathroom remodeling projects.