Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Bird and the Bees..... Well sort of!

On our way home this evening, John pointed out some calves in a field near our house.  Adam asked, "Dad, how do those calves get born?", to which John replied "They come out of their mommy's belly."  Adam then asked, "How do they get out of their mommy's belly?"  This is about the time I give John a look that said, "Boy you've REALLY dug yourself a hole now!"  Well my husband's response to Adam's question was, "They come out the birth canal."  I guess he thought using technical terms would confuse him.  Well I am sure you know Adam's next question..... "What is a birth canal?"  At this point I am about to burst with laughter when John blurts out in desperation... "Hey, did you know Mamaw has false teeth!?"  Yeah that's right, when all else fails throw Grandma under the bus.......

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